The Film – Black Leather Apron by Phillip Gilliam

Proof of concept for the feature film Black Leather Apron

Black Leather Apron Sizzle Reel A Film by PHILLIP NOIRE, LLC

My name is Phillip Gilliam and I am the writer of the erotic crime story and screenplay Black Leather Apron. I am searching for a literary agent who is a signatory with the Writers Guild of America. My search is two-fold. First, to assist with the pitch for an Executive Producer/Director for the feature film. Second to represent me as a crime author for my upcoming novels.

For the feature film, we have completed the One Page, Pitch Deck and Sizzle Reel. The treatment, screenplay and full union budget are also completed and available upon request. We’re pitching to producers for the upfront funding and most importantly, the back-end distribution to insure an excellent return on the investment (ROI) for prospective financiers.

This is the first of a three novel/ film series with private detective John Talion. The other two stories planned are, “At All Times” (In production) and “Vengeance Is Mine”. There is a fourth story planned about an inventor called “The Sisyphean Chamber”.

Black Leather Apron One Sheet

Film Black Leather Apron Pitchdeck

WGAE registration

Black Leather Apron – Synopsis WGAE registration